Wednesday, January 5, 2011


This creation was somewhat random.  I purchased the cute measuring spoons at Joann's.  They are somewhat unusual they are: a Dash, Pinch, Smidge and Nip.   I thought I'd add them to Christmas gifts.  Like, if I put together some ingredients for cookies or something.  Well needless to say no time for that project so, I'm thinking... aw I wish I had a way to gift these to people so they don't go to waste.  Well that's when the light bulb goes on and I dreamed up the New Year's Recipe.

Well that's a bummer, the one I took a photo of has the recipe wrong.  It's suppose to read:
Dash of Prayer - Pinch of Love - Smidge of Laughter and a - Nip of Luck.  Oh well, the holiday's can get a little rushed right.

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